Innovative Logistics Services empowers your Australian business by harnessing the immense potential of Asian manufacturing.

Let ILS be your bridge, seamlessly connecting you to the vibrant world of manufacturing and wholesale opportunities in China and beyond.









Innovative Logistics Services is a leading full-service shipping, warehousing and logistics company that specialises in supply chain connectivity between Australia, China and the world.

With over a decade of experience, we have perfected the art of efficiently packing, shipping and delivering your essential products. Our expertise shines in our ability to seamlessly connect manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, fostering smooth collaboration within the supply chain.

Moreover, we excel in guiding you through the intricate customs process, ensuring a streamlined and hassle-free supply chain. Lastly, our extensive warehousing services provide secure storage, enhancing the efficiency of your logistics.


Two workers, wearing safety gear including helmets and reflective vests, walk through a shipping container yard. A large airplane flies overhead as stacks of colorful shipping containers stand tall in the background under a partly cloudy sky, highlighting the efficiency of innovative logistics services.

We prioritise punctual deliveries to maintain your customers satisfaction. Our services encompass efficient air and sea freight solutions, tailored options for specialised cargo, same-day delivery choices and a dedicated team always at your service.

Ease the burden of navigating valuable items through inspections. Our adept customs facilitators, seasoned in handling complexities, ensure a seamless journey for your cargo. We oversee paperwork, logistics and accountability, ensuring your customs experience is effortlessly smooth.

Our expertise lies in offering customised Third-Party Logistical (3PL) warehousing services. We excel in delivering efficient, precise and compliant solutions, seamlessly integrated with leading e-commerce platforms.

We’re logistics experts, moving freight seamlessly by land, sea, or rail. Count on us to optimise your supply chain and streamline your cargo transport needs.

Discover the expertise of ILS, a leading Australian transport and logistics company. With years of experience under our belt, we offer top-notch domestic freight services tailored to all types of businesses.


Stubbo Solar and Battery Project

The Stubbo Solar and Battery Project was approved by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and ready for construction. Part of its success required a partner who could move the solar panels across international borders and ensure their timely delivery to the site. Of course, ILS was part of that solution.